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Clinically tested, it uses the same galvanic technology professionals use in salons and spas, yet it’s as safe and easy to use as an electric razor. Our Price: $129.
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  • Remove hair easily and permanently with the cordless and portable LED Home Electrolysis Kit.
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    Question about "LED home electrolysis kit" My grandma (who's super supportive of me) sent me some pictures of a "home electrolysis kit" from sharper image, I looked it up and was reading around about others experiences with it (in general not specifically sharper image) and it seems mostly positive.

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    The third product is Verseo eGlide Home Electrolysis.

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    It’s cordless and portable, yet it delivers professional-style results, just like your local spa or salon.

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  • LED Home Electrolysis Kit.
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    LED Home Electrolysis Kit.

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