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  • translate_text) """ translate_text(query_text: str, translator: str = 'bing', from_language: str = 'auto', to_language: str = 'en', **kwargs) -> Union.
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  • Unlike other APIs, it doesn't rely on proprietary providers such as Google or Azure to perform.
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    js, Apache CouchDB and Adobe Acrobat.

  • i18n, a robust internationalization library that supports gender, grammar forms, dynamic change of language, fallback chains, and more.
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    The DeepL API is a language translation API that allows other computer programs to send texts and documents to.

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  • Finding out which tools best suit your needs is essential before you start translating pure JavaScript apps.
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    NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

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    Instead, its translation engine is powered by the open source Argos Translate library.