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  • Those are only playable on a GBC.
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  • For example, it will play Pokemon Silver with an added color palette, but it will plain not allow you to play Pokemon Crystal.
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    Apr 16, 2023 · Released at the very end of the SNES’s lifespan, in 1998; this Japanese-exclusive revision of the Super Gameboy was clearly released in response to the rising popularity of Pokemon.

  • A truly amazing development.
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    They still play the gameboy color games.

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  • It’s easily distinguishable from the original model, thanks to its awesome transparent blue casing, which just looks so cool, even if it doesn’t fit the look.
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    with the rounded bubble upper part) Then it will not work on the Super Gameboy.

  •  · The Everdrive GB does work in a super gameboy, but it's still limited to running original and black plastic gbc carts, no GBC only see through carts possible,.
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    Release date: Jun 14th, 1994.

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    Pop this into your SNES, and away.